Routledge Book Series in Extremism and Democracy

The Routledge Book Series in Extremism and Democracy, which is affiliated with the Standing Group, publishes rigorous academic studies within the broad fields of ‘extremism’ and ‘democracy’. While these topics have traditionally been considered largely in isolation by academics, a key focus of the series is the (inter-)relation between extremism and democracy. Works will seek to explore conceptions of democracy and extremism, examine forms of extremism in both the West and the wider world, investigate to what extent extremist groups pose a major threat to democracy and democratic institutions, or examine how democracy can respond to extremism without undermining its own democratic credentials.

The series encompasses two strands:

  1. Routledge Studies in Extremism and Democracy includes books with an introductory and board focus which are aimed at students and teachers. These books are available in hardback and paperback.
  2. Routledge Research in Extremism and Democracy offers a forum for innovative new research intended for a more specialist readership. These books are available in hardback only.

The series was originally founded by Roger Eatwell (University of Bath) and Cas Mudde (University of Georgia) in 1999. Recently, Cas has retired from his position as series co-editor and has been replaced by Matthew Goodwin (University of Manchester), who will work alongside Roger to continue to develop and expand the series. The new editorial team now strongly encourages ideas or suggestions for new volumes in the book series, both from established academics and early career researchers. The new team is interested in studies on all forms of extremism though it is especially keen on proposals that examine the relationship between extremism and democracy, including for example those that explore the drivers of support for ‘extremist’ parties and implications for public policy.

To discuss any ideas or suggestions for new volumes in this book series, please contact the editors Roger Eatwell or Matthew Goodwin.

For any publishing queries please contact Craig Fowlie Senior Publisher in Politics & International Relations at Routledge.

An overview of published works and forthcoming titles is available on the Routledge website.